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Report uploaded on: Aug 31, 2016

Youth Through the Media Lens: Report

At the beginning of this year, Media Monitoring Africa conducted research into the coverage of youth in South African mainstream media. Four online news media were analysed in the research for five months, from the start of February to the end of June. They are: IOL, M&G Online, News 24 and The Citizen. Focus Group Discussions were also held with a group of young people in Vosloorus, Gauteng to compare the research findings with the youth’s own suggested expectations of how media should report on youth and the issues that affect them. The research suggests distinct discrepancies between youth expectations and the media’s performance.  


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Jun 20, 2016

Youth speak up on South African media

By Motshabi Hoaeane

On 16 June, Media Monitoring Africa’s Youth News Agency held a focus group discussion with a group of young people in Vosloorus, (aged 18 - 30) to explore youth’s expectations of local media.  According to the group, the nuances that encompass this generation’s struggles are not taken seriously enough, often negated for special months and, generally overlooked by the media in favour of stories...

Jul 24, 2014

It’s no child’s play in streets of Gaza

By Laeeka Edries

The rising number of deaths of Palestinian children is an indictment of Israeli violence. Although 73 children have been confirmed dead, the number may still increase, writes Laeeka Edries.

Jun 26, 2014

Don’t Talk About Us, Talk to Us!

By Simphiwe Rens

Domestic workers are on a mission to be treated like all other workers. In one of those rare features which aim to give a voice to those who are rarely heard in the media, Simphiwe Rens explores the challenges faced by domestic workers and what is being done by the Labour Department to address these issues.

Jun 25, 2014

Youth Opportunities in the Green Economy

By Nkosinathi Mhlanga

As the world looks into greener, that is to say, environmentally-friendly alternatives of energy, an opportunity can be found for youth in developing these but also understanding weather patterns and the impact climate change is having on our environment. June was the ideal month for the city of Tshwane to create awareness around these opportunities for the youth.