Giving youth a voice in the media



The Youth News Agency (YNA) is an initiative by Media Monitoring Africa, and a sister project to its Children’s News Agency (CNA), founded in 2011. Supported by the DG Murray Trust, the YNA aims to empower South African youth to participate in the media and influence discourse on issues of relevance to them and the country, by making their opinions heard in matters that concern them. 
The agency recruits 18- to 30-year-olds on a voluntary basis in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town, and provides them with the skills necessary to produce content for mainstream media. This is aimed at demonstrating to key stakeholders that, if given the opportunity, the youth can meaningfully contribute to debates and discussions around the political, social and economic issues of the day. 
After receiving basic journalism training that covers a range of topics, including ethical reporting, and reporting on children and gender, members of the agency submit their stories electronically. These are then edited and made available to media houses.